What Is A Woman?

June 21, 2016

imageAccording to the dictionary, a woman is: 1) The female human being. 2) An adult female person. 3) A female attendant to a lady of rank. 4) A wife. 5) The nature, characteristics, or feeling often attributed to women; womanliness. 6) A sweetheart or paramour; mistress. 7) A female employee or representative.

Entirely inadequate definitions in my opinion.

So then, what is a woman? I believe a woman is inherently beautiful and powerful. Strong and knowing.

Inherently Beautiful. The mere fact that you are a woman (a female human being), makes you beautiful. Anyone who has told you otherwise has lied to you.

Look at your body. How exquisite it is. We tend to focus on size, shape, texture, color, dimples, marks, etc. as if they somehow define who we are or how much we are worth. Sometimes these things can hinder our beauty but it isn’t because we aren’t beautiful. Anything that becomes a hindrance to our beauty is often an outward expression of an imbalance. It may be of the mind. It may be of the body. It may be of the spirit. It may be of the people and the energy around us. You may have experienced a trauma that has altered the expression of your beauty. Regardless of its origin, it is not you. Did you hear me? It is not you.

There are a lot of things that can make us “feel” less beautiful but they can’t actually take our beauty from us. You see, because beauty is intrinsic to being a woman. It belongs to us by our very nature.

Powerful. The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of how powerful we are is that we bleed. Because we bleed we can bring forth life.

My blood is my companion and constant reminder that I carry within me the ability to create new life and to bring it forth into the world around me. This is powerful.

Whether I am actively bleeding or not, each day I have this power at work within me. It is not only for the procreation of another human being. It is an energy and a power that is available to us to bring new life into every moment of every day.

Every few weeks our blood purges the old, that which didn’t yield new life during the past cycle, and prepares the way for another life-giving opportunity. In the next post I will go into detail about the mental and emotional components of ourselves and how they too can be purged and renewed while we bleed.

Even if you don’t bleed yet or anymore, you can still find the cycle and rhythm of your body for whatever season of life you are in and utilize it for cleansing and renewing, purging and creating new life.

Strong. These arguments that women are the weaker sex or on the flip side that we are the stronger sex is so very destructive to the nature and capacity of both men and women. We are different from each other and each is made for different things. Our strengths generally reside in different areas and are meant to compliment each other, not compete with each other.

I don’t want to be stronger than my man, but I also certainly don’t want to be weaker than him. I want each of us to inhabit the strengths that are inherent to us as man/woman and those which we possess that are unique to us as the deliberately fashioned individuals that we are.

Finding our strengths can be tricky. Especially in the midst of everything we are trying to keep up with in the day-to-day of life. Also tricky is embracing them once we find them and having the courage and the freedom to live them in a society that tells us we are either a Bitch or too emotional. This is also a whole other post in itself that I will definitely be talking about in the future.

Knowing. We know, perceive, and understand so much more than we are given credit for and that we give ourselves credit for. This knowing and intuition is already housed within us. Locating it, activating it, and nurturing it are key to living in it and letting it be our guide, our encouragement, and a source of strength and comfort for us.

In the coming weeks I will be going much more into depth about each of these attributes. Together I would like to expand our list of what defines us as women. I will also be sharing the many natural remedies I’ve come up with or found for the challenges that we deal with as women.

Ladies, this blog is your space. Let it be your community. Feel free to comment, to reach out, to express yourself and to explore yourself here. Men, you are also welcome here. We need your strength, too. Your words of admiration for us and encouragement to us matter. All I ask is that everyone who participates takes care of each other as well as themselves.

Let me know if there are certain topics pertaining to being women that you would like to hear about. There is no taboo topic with me.

You are Beautiful.

You are Powerful.

You are Strong.

You are Knowing.


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